How to find and buy land

Buying land and developing isn’t something that will be in most people’s plans, and it’s certainly not for beginners. But most people are attracted by the idea of bigger projects – so whether it’s something you’re looking at now or aspire to do in the future, this jam-packed episode is a must-listen.

It’s a process that Rob B has been through recently, so while it’s still fresh in his mind we talk about:

  • Different ways to find land (this isn’t a job for Rightmove!)
  • What to consider when it comes to financing the project
  • Ways of finding land that you should be very wary of
  • What to check before you make an offer
  • A formula for working out how much you should be paying
  • What you should be aware of around planning permission
  • How the buying process differs from a normal property project
  • And lots more!

The Telegraph reports that Stamp Duty revenue is up dramatically since its changes a couple of years ago – but transactions have fallen too.

A cooler housing market was part of the purpose for the changes, but it’s not healthy if that involves fewer transactions too. Will further changes be made? We’ll see…

And in our resource of the week slot, Rob B gives a ringing endorsement of Ray Dalio’s new book, Principles – calling it his favourite book of the year, and he’s only halfway through!

Ray’s a billionaire and has a lifetime of phenomenal achievements, but his crowning achievement is the honour of appearing in “Resource of the Week” twice: we previously recommended his short video, How The Economic Machine Works.

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