How to invest in 2017 and what to look out for

In this week’s episode we look at how to invest in 2017, which is a great follow up to last week’s ‘where to invest in 2017’ episode.

So what do we think is in store?

Negative Media

The media just love a good dose of doom and gloom, particularly if it is property investment based. It hasn’t happened yet, but we are giving you some advance notice. It will happen this year and if you’re not careful could suck you in. When the media gets negative, we get excited: this is when the best opportunities arise. 

Tax Changes

We have covered this in some depth in previous episodes. The upshot is bad news for landlords who have been in the game for a long time, not so bad for new investors because they can plan.

Lettings Fee Ban

The government has just confirmed consultation will begin in a few months time, with the outcome to be announced later this year. You might not notice changes immediately after implementation, but we expect see a trend of letting agents increasing their fees to landlords.

PRA – Prudential Regulation Authority

Sounds complex, but basically all this is means is mortgage companies increasing their stress test levels. Will impact investors in the south east, investors in the north won’t notice the changes.

Article 50

Uncertainty and fear are most likely to be on the menu (again). This will spook some amateur investors, but actually the effect of Brexit hard or soft will be felt years down the line.

What should you do and how should you prosper?

  • Avoid London
  • Remember your goal, don’t get lost in the noise
  • Ignore the media and most of your friends
  • Take advantage of any uncertainty
  • Get your tax affairs in order
  • Get practising your smug face for a few years time

And our resource of the week is Photo Splash : a great fun free app which is perfect for creating some fun images.

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