Real-life investors talk Brexit

This week on The Property Podcast we’re discussing a topic that everyone has an opinion on – and we’ve got opinions from multiple property investors. We’re talking Brexit!

We’ll be talking to Sarah, Iain and Steve who are all keen to share their thoughts on the current biggest political topic.

First up is Sarah, who has been refurbishing and flipping properties in Sheffield. She hates the ‘B’ word but it’s the uncertainty of it all that concerns her. She tells us how the Sheffield market is currently performing.

Next is Iain from the South East who has been dabbling in all kinds of property developments. He thinks that this is a prime time to be investing in property and is feeling pretty optimistic.

Lastly we have Steve. Steve has been working on vanilla buy-to-lets over the past five years. He’s a firm believer that if you’ve got the deposit sat in the bank now, you definitely should invest it. He bought his last buy to let property six months ago but wishes he’d held on a bit longer to get a potentially better deal.

Tune in to listen to this much debated Brexit topic and don’t miss next week where The Robs go hell for leather on what they think of it.

In the news this week there’s been a great little update for landlords as landlord checks are potentially due to be banned as it’s been identified as a potential breach of human rights. It’s not in place just yet, so in the meantime you do still need to carry out these checks.

Also, sticking with the Brexit theme, according to an article in the BBC, struggling towns are set to receive a £1.6 billion boost post Brexit. Just have a listen to how much this ruffles Rob B’s feathers!

Our Hub Extra this week is something similar to one we mentioned a few weeks ago. Brave is a web browser tool which has an ad blocker and tracker built into it. Which means it makes surfing the internet both safer and faster. It might take you half an hour to get set up but it’s sure to make an impact.


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