Leverage: A property investor’s secret weapon

This month we’re bringing you ‘Fundamentals February’, and Rob & Rob are kick starting it with the ever popular topic of leveraging.

If you’ve been listening to The Property Podcast for quite some time, you’ll have heard The Ro-s discuss the power of leveraging on a number of occasions. But that doesn’t mean you should skip over this one.

Whether you’re a new or experienced buy-to-let property investor, today’s Property Podcast is going to help you understand how you can use leverage to your advantage. Many successful investors have built their portfolios using this powerful method and accelerated their income.

Today’s Property Podcast episode will cover:

  • What is leverage?
  • Why people use leveraging
  • What effect does it have?
  • How can leverage benefit you?

As always, The Robs also chat about a headline that’s grabbed their attention this week: Lenders cut mortgage rates to give a kick-start to 2019.

A pretty well-timed article considering the subject of today’s podcast.

There’s also the tenant fee ban, which now finally has a date – but what does this mean for property investors? Hit the play button to find out more.

And Hub Extra this week is yet another fantastic resource from one of our favourite billionaires. Ray Dalio has put together a half-hour animated version of his principles for success, which you can watch on YouTube. It’s such an easy way to absorb these important ideas.

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