The Ltd Co tax changes you need to know

This week we’re talking all things tax

When it comes to tax, property investors are obsessed with learning and understanding it.

And we don’t blame them because the difference between getting it right and wrong could be thousands of pounds.

So this episode is a must listen!

Here’s what to expect on this week’s property podcast episode

It’s been a while since we talked about tax so we thought it was about time we changed that.

We’re always inundated with questions about buying in a limited company. And we even did a video on whether ‘should you buy property through a limited company’.

But because tax is complex, it’s always been better to leave the tax advice to the specialists.

To give you a brief overview, back in 2015 new rules were introduced which meant individuals could no longer claim mortgage interest as an expense, but limited companies still could.

So overnight, owning property in a company became a lot more attractive because those investing personally were left paying tax on profit that wasn’t really profit because it ignored the cost of interest.

It impacted investors to such a degree that the majority of those who invest through us at Property Hub Invest now do so using a limited company.

These rules have been eased in over the years but fully came into play as of April 2020, so we thought we’d take a look into it.

If you’re wanting to purchase property through a limited company, then make sure you check out the tax implications and give this episode a listen.


In the news

This week we’ve got two news stories that might incentivise you to become a greener landlord.

The first one, ‘yet another BTL lender issues cheap loans for homes with good EPCs’. Mortgage lender Keystones have now said that they offer a 0.15% reduction to landlords with properties older than five years with an EPC rating of A to C.

The second story is, ‘Buy to let lender says new eco-loan will be ‘push for landlords’. The Mortgage Works, part of Nationwide, has a new mortgage product called the Green Further Advance, which can be used to make sustainable home improvements.

So, if your property is in need of a little TLC, it may well be worth looking into going green and saving yourself some money as well as the planet.


Hub Extra

This week for Hub Extra, we’ve got a couple of resources for you.

And they’re an alternative to the popular messaging app, Whatsapp.

Whatsapp doesn’t offer a lot of privacy and are increasingly collecting data and insights into your activity.

So we’ve got a couple of different options for you. They are Signal and Telegram.

Both are apps just like Whatsapp that you can get for free, but your privacy is a lot more protected.


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