Rob B mentors two investors – live

This week on The Property Podcast we’ve got a special episode for you – and it’s one that The Robs have been wanting to do for a while.

*Drum roll!* Today, you get to listen to Rob B mentoring two lucky podcast listeners – LIVE! Avid listeners will know that strategy is key, and today we’re revealing just how important we think this is by putting Rob on the spot to offer his advice.

Now don’t worry, this isn’t just specific to Ruth and Christian’s investment plans,(who are the two lucky listeners by the way) there’s so much information given out in today’s podcast that you can apply it to your own property investment strategy. So it’s well worth the listen.

The Robs (and the team at Property Hub Invest) have spent years helping people with their property journey. Many they speak to don’t even have a strategy. But that’s OK, because that’s where we excel.

And we’re all for sharing knowledge.

The first lucky listener is Ruth from Dorset. Ruth and her husband Dennis have already started investing in property in South Wales and have a couple of buy-to-let properties. Alongside their two buy-to-let properties they also have a holiday let.

Running alongside their investments, Ruth and Dennis have an interest only mortgage on their residential home. Their goal is to have £3,000 net income each month from their buy-to-let properties so that when their mortgage expires in 2023, they can service a new mortgage.

There’s a lot of numbers flying around in this one, but with their combined investments, the profit they’re currently making is around a quarter of the way to their £3,000 goal. So what should they do now? Rob B steps in with a strategy that will help them reach their goal by the time they’re due to remortgage.

Next up we have Christian. Christian is already in a nice position with his property investment portfolio. His goal is to increase his cash flow so he can continue to invest and build a pension pot, and have something to hand down to his kids.

Christian already has a standard buy-to-let property in London which produces a decent £16,000 per annum, along with 2 HMO’s. He’s now on the lookout for his next investment in the north.

At the moment Christian is weighing up his options as to when the right time might be to purchase another property, and what kind of property he should be looking at. On the plus side, he was worried about the effects of Brexit, but after religiously listening to The Property Podcast, he’s confident he can still purchase in the next few months.

So what type of property does Rob B think Christian should be looking for ‘up north’, and what should he be focusing on to achieve his goals?

Tune in to find out. Then head over to our social channels to let us know what you thought of today’s episode.

For this week’s Hub Extra we’re giving you the gift of time. No, we’ve not got a new invention, we’re simply giving you advice on your goals – for free!

You’ve just spent the last 20 minutes listening to how Rob B helped Ruth and Christian with their property goals, and now it’s your turn. You can register for your free goals call with one of our Invest team. On the call you’ll go through your goals to determine whether they’re realistic [very important!] and look at ways to help you achieve them. It’s probably the best call you’ll have all year!

Slots are limited, so book an appointment sharpish.

In the news this week, Letting Agent Today has reported that landlords selling up made an average gain of £80,000 in 2018. This isn’t what surprised The Robs though, it was the fact that this is an average figure which means a huge 15% of landlords have made a loss! This news story certainly ruffles a few feathers. If you’re in this situation and thinking of selling, this episode is well worth a listen as it could change your mind and offer you a helping hand.


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