Evictions, arrears & rent controls – what the Renters Reforms mean for you

How will the new white paper affect landlords?

This has got to be the most anticipated piece of legislation that landlords have been waiting for, FOR YEARS and it’s finally here. 

The government have laid out their proposals for the Renters Reform in their latest white paper, and it’s completely transformed landlord/tenant relationships forever. 

With news on notice periods, arrears, evictions, rent controls and so much more, we’re surprised at how little coverage this huge update has received. 

Now, it’s a very long document, but we’ve read it and we’re going to summarise everything you need to know in today’s episode. 

There’s A LOT to cover as this report is going to completely shake up the industry. 

In the news 

There’s a lot going on in the political world right now, including a new Prime Minister on the horizon, but that’s not the only important change we’re seeing right now. 

The UK government has appointed a new housing minister… again. 

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a reshuffle in the cabinet, and we doubt it’ll be the last. But what do Rob & Rob think about new housing minister Marcus Jones? 

Hub Extra 

If you couldn’t tell, we LOVE a good podcast, and you can never have too many to listen to. 

We’ve recommended this one before, but previously Rob & Rob have had to move it off their ‘must-listen’ list as the episodes were hours long and, let’s be honest, who’s got time for that?  

But now The Tim Ferriss Show has brought out “Monthly Recaps”, it’s slipped right back on the radar! 

All the best bits from the month have been condensed into a shorter format so you can skip the waffle and still get all the golden nuggets for the month. 

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