The Price Of Money: How to prosper in a financial world that’s rigged against you

Do you understand the financial landscape? 

This has to be in our top 10 MUST listen podcast episodes – and it’s a big one. 

With 50 years of financial history to run through Rob & Rob have got plenty to cover.  

They’ll start with the HUGE event in 1971 that completely transformed everything about the world of money, what has played out ever since and how it’s going to affect what’s to come. 

Once you understand what’s going to come next, you’ll be well on your way to better position yourself to make smart investment decisions, so you definitely won’t want to miss this. 

In the news 

With the government leaking stories that their next announcement was going to completely transform the market we were eagerly awaiting what they had to say. 

And to be honest, we were sort of disappointed as their huge announcement was that they’re planning on extending the right to buy scheme to housing associations. 

What do the guys have to say about this ‘transformational’ announcement? 

Hub Extra 

Of course, this week’s Hub Extra has to be none other than Rob D’s new book, The Price of Money. 

If you loved this episode, you really do need to get your hands on it as it will completely alter the way you view the financial world taking you deeper than a single podcast episode ever could. 

There’s also some additional perks for anyone that purchases it in the first week (including a mini-podcast series, the chance to have lunch with Rob and a live Q&A session!).  

Keen to add it to your must-read list? You can purchase it right here. 

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