Our property investment journeys: Surprising changes and why you need to adapt

It’s episode 400! So we’re taking a look at Rob & Robs property investment journeys

The Robs property investment journeys have been going for much longer than 400 episodes. But what have they experienced along the way?

Luckily for you, The Robs are sharing their investment journeys with you as well as their experience.

So when you make your own mistakes, not only will you learn from them, you’ll also profit from them.

Here’s what to expect on this week’s property podcast episode

Not only are Rob & Rob sharing their personal story and what they’ve learnt, they’re also taking a look at what’s changed in the property market over the last eight years.

When you hit a milestone like 400 podcast episodes, it’s a good time to reflect and take a look back on where you’ve come from.

So here’s what The Robs are taking a look at in this week’s episode:

The 18-year property cycle

Is the 18-year property cycle still on track or will there be a crash in 2021? In this past podcast The Robs shared how to predict future property prices.

Is that still the case?

Never sell a property

In the early days of The Property Podcast this was a firm opinion of Rob & Rob. You can even listen to that podcast episode here.

Even Robert Kiyosaki said the same thing not so long ago on The Property Podcast.

Is that still the case?


Rob & Rob will also be discussing assets and the top performing cities. What were they 400 episodes ago and what are they now?

Tune in to find out.


In the news

This week we’re talking about what others seem to have missed:

Bank of England pumps more stimulus into economy in bumper QE round’.

Another £150 billion of QE has been pumped into the economy which is just crazy. Back in 2009 of the financial crash, £200 billion of QE was put into the economy, and we all know how bad we thought that was.

In total, the amount of QE in 2020 as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic has totalled £450 billion. More than double the amount of the 08/09 financial crisis!

We can’t get over why this hasn’t been made more of a big deal.

If you’re interested in QE then go back to this podcast episode where Rob & Rob discuss how it impacts property prices.


Hub extra

This week for Hub Extra, we’ve got a bit of a follow on.

Previously Rob D has recommended a book called ‘A Bit of a Stretch’ by Chris Atkins which took the title of his favourite book of the year.

But now there’s a new podcast with the same name and on the same topic. So, if you didn’t read the book, give ‘A Bit of a Stretch – The Podcast’ a listen.


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