4 property investors give us millions to spend!

Rob & Rob are back again this week for a slightly different episode of The Property Podcast. Today they’re advising four different investors on how they should spend their money.

We’re always asked for advice by aspiring and experienced property investors on how best to invest their money.

And now (possibly more than ever), investors seem a tad confused on where they should be putting their money, if anywhere at all!

All of the investors you’ll hear from today are at the start of their journey with different strategies and different sums of money to start with, but ultimately they want to know how best to invest in the current climate.

So, here are the four different scenarios we’ll be looking at on today’s podcast:

  1. James – he has £10,000 in a government Help to Buy ISA and is looking to either move out of his parents house and continue to save for his first buy-to-let, or withdraw the money from his ISA and take the penalty hit to use that money to invest in his first property whilst still living at home.
  2. Jay – he’s looking at buy-to-let properties in Salford Crescent and really likes the look of high-rise living in Manchester. Jay has an inheritance that he’s wanting to make the most of by putting it into property and would like Rob & Rob’s advice.
  3. Our third caller has a cash pot of £200,000 but is wanting a return of around 40% on his investments per year, but on an income basis. He’s looking at going down the buy-refurb-refinance strategy to try and pull money out after the refurbs.
  4. The fourth and final caller is wanting to know how The Robs would invest £3 million and what strategy would they use? He’s not bothered if it’s in the UK or overseas, but in terms of buy-to-let property he’s wondering if Rob & Rob would be more likely to go down the smaller, lower cost property route or go for more mid range and larger properties.

We all know how much Rob & Rob love talking goals and strategies with people and this is a great episode to do just that.

You may be in a similar situation to these four callers, or just be listening for a nosey. So what do The Robs think they should do?

Tune in to find out.


In the news this week, we’ve got not one news story but two! The first is more of a reminder to all property investors that changes to Capital Gains Tax are now in effect. So now if you sell a property and have Capital Gains Tax to pay, you only have 30 days to submit your application.

The second news story comes from an email that Rob D received around mortgage holidays and the rumour that it could potentially affect your ability to get lending if you take a mortgage holiday. At first that’s all it was, a rumour, but now it’s come to light that one mortgage lender in particular is not allowing mortgage holidays and will not accept your application if you have already taken out a mortgage holiday.


This week’s Hub Extra resource is from Money Saving Expert. They’ve put together a list of really useful resources that you normally have to pay for, but the companies that provide them have made them free whilst we’re in lockdown and everyone is looking for something to do.

There’s all kinds of things for you to sink your teeth into; from kids activities to guitar lessons. So maybe take a look and see if you fancy learning something new.


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