Property sourcers’ secrets revealed

Sourcing secrets revealed

In a market like this it’s hard to get your hands on any properties let alone bag an incredible deal, but it’s not impossible… 

Today on The Property Podcast we’re joined by two property sourcing experts that deal with multimillion pound deals every single day, and they’ll be revealing their top tips and tricks on how to land yourself a deal. 

They’ll be sharing: 

  • How to find deals 
  • How to assess those deals 
  • What their due diligence process looks like 
  • What the MOST important thing to consider is 
  • How to negotiate the deal and make sure the price is right 
  • Their top tip for first time investors 

In the news 

It’s no secret that the markets booming right now, and Hometracks latest House Price Index has revealed that the average house price is up 7.8% from the 12 months leading up to January. 

Breaking it further down to regions and areas, we were shocked to learn that Wales has taken the top spot with 11.7% growth! 

Hub Extra

This one’s for all the coffee (and tea) lovers out there. 

If you’re anything like us, you can’t start your morning unless you’ve had your coffee and this week’s Hub Extra will help you get your morning shot just that little bit quicker. 

If you’ve not already got your favourite coffee shops app downloaded to your phone you might be missing out. 

Gone are the days where you lose your loyalty card just as you were about to get your free drink. These apps store all your loyalty points on your phone, so you’ll never have to miss out on that free coffee ever again. 

If free coffee isn’t enough to win you over, they’ve also added a nifty little click and collect feature. Just order your coffee when you’re enroute and it’ll be there waiting for you!   

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