How to review your property portfolio (plus free checklist)

Would you like to save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds? If you’re a buy to let property investor and answered “yes”, then this Property Podcast is for you.

This week’s discussion could potentially save property investors a lot of cash – and who doesn’t want that, right?

Many people switch off at this time of the year and begin the Christmas holiday countdown, but should you be using this time more wisely?

This week’s Property Podcast is about reviewing your buy to let investment properties and making sure you take the time (at least once a year) to review where you are, what you want to achieve and set some goals for the year ahead.

The Robs will talk you through:

  • Rent
  • Growth (or negative growth)
  • Mortgage reviews
  • Insurance
  • Problem properties
  • Your power-team
  • Major work
  • Tax implications
  • Keeping up to date
  • … and much more

There’s also a handy checklist for you to use that’s right here.

We’re also discussing our news story of the week – click here to read.

It’s highlighting the tough economic conditions coming to an end in Aberdeen. This is an interesting article as it delves into one of the toughest and most volatile property markets in the UK.

There’s a good reason for this volatility which Rob & Rob talk us through. This market is highly influenced by one main factor which affects the market massively. Listen to find out.

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