The 7 questions Rob & Rob get asked the most

Do you have questions for Rob & Rob? Well, you’re in luck. Today’s episode of The Property Podcast is full of answers that every investor is eager to know.

As you can imagine, Rob & Rob get asked thousands of questions, but in particular there are seven questions that always come up.

In today’s episode, you’re in for a treat as The Robs answer their most commonly asked questions…

  1. Who are Rob & Rob?
  2. How many properties do they own?
  3. Where is the best place to invest right now?
  4. Where are we in the 18 year property cycle?
  5. Houses or flats?

You’ll have to listen to find out the rest…

The Robs go into a whole lot of detail around the questions, so listen and take note, they may be answering a question you’ve been dying to know.


They’re also talking about some exciting news too. Hometrack has released their quarterly figures for the rental market.

What’s has caught our eye?

Well, rents have increased over the last year by 2.6% which is clearly good news for investors. Rents are going up, but they’re also becoming more affordable – which is great news for tenants.

Where is the rental growth happening? The top three cities are York, Bristol and Nottingham – listen as Rob & Rob give you their thoughts on this growth and what you should be taking from these insights.


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This week’s Hub Extra is something small, but makes your day so much easier. Apple Pay and Google Pay.

A fair few people haven’t adapted to it yet, but it definitely makes your day run that little bit smoother, whether you’re on a train, grabbing a coffee or paying for your weekly big shop, it’s just that little life hack that can make a small improvement to your day. You can even load all your different cards on there!

It’s just a little something that removes a little bit of friction; leaving your card at home but still being able to process those little payments. Rob & Rob have only just started using this and they both love it!


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