Roundtable predictions

You’re in for a treat this week as Rob & Rob are sharing the mic with some great figureheads from the property industry:

  1. Richard Blanco – he’s the London representative for the National landlords Association.
  2. Ed Mead – a well-seasoned property and media commentator; you’ve probably read many of his columns in various newspapers.
  3. Lawrence Bowles – an Analyst in the Savills Residential Research team. The information produced by his team is fascinating.
  4. Richard Berridge – a Build-to-Rent sector specialist and his firm focuses on institutional residential investments.
  5. Jeremy Leaf –  an estate agent and also the former chair of RICS. He’s been an industry spokesman for over 20 years.

We’re sure you’ll agree, Rob & Rob are in great company on this week’s Property Podcast. The team actually got together for an upcoming feature in The Property Hub Magazine but we’ve decided to give you a snippet of an interesting discussion we recorded just for the Property Podcast:

What advice would they give to a property investor today?

What are their property predictions for 2019?

You’ll also hear Rob & Rob talking about their hand-picked news story of the week – click here to read. Is London a ‘sick’ market? With transaction levels slumping, this certainly seems to be the case. Have a read and let us know what you think!

And this week’s Hub Extra resource is basically Airbnb for cars. So if you’re off searching for new locations, this resource is well worth a consideration. You can find out more here.

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