6 lessons from a hard mofo: David Goggins

This week on The Property Podcast, The Robs are doing something a bit different and talking some hard truths. Which, if you implement them, could be a complete game changer.

On today’s podcast The Robs are passing on six lessons from one of the most impressive (and possibly insane) individuals, David Goggins.

Rob B has hailed David Goggins’ book ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ as his book of the year, after a recommendation from Rob D.

For those of you who don’t know who David Goggins is, he’s a former Navy Seal, an ultra marathon runner, a distance cyclist, an endurance athlete, a tri-athlete, a motivational speaker and now an author. He’s certainly one-of-a-kind and quite possibly like no one you’ll have ever met or heard of before.

Today we’re going to take six lessons from David Goggins that you can implement in your life, and we reckon it’ll help set you apart from everyone else.

Here’s the six lessons The Robs will go through on today’s podcast, complete with quotes from David Goggins himself:

  • To grow in life, be willing to suffer
  • Don’t let your mind hold you back
  • Self-talk and visualization are the keys to fighting negativity
  • If you choose to do something, attack it
  • Use the accountability mirror
  • Create a vision in your mind

This week’s podcast will get you raring to go – so be prepared for a flurry of self-activity afterwards. You’ve been warned!

For this week’s Hub Extra we’ve got a great video for you that’s done the rounds here at the Hub It’s called The Contrepreneur Formula Exposed and is done very nicely by Mike Winnet.

Mike has attended several wealth creation seminars, and highlights what exactly goes down at these events and reveals how they’re very cleverly designed to separate you from your money. It’s a fitting tale considering The Robs have been vocal in their dislike for courses that charge you the earth and promise you’ll get rich quick, yet fail to deliver.

Mike’s formula works for whatever seminar you attend. Go give it a watch, it’ll be well worth your time. The Robs are extremely jealous they never thought of doing this themselves!

In the news this week, The Daily Express is revealing the areas of the UK with the best recovery from the financial crash. The City of London has seen the best recovery over the past 10 years, where house prices are up 143%. What’s interesting is it shows the areas that are still yet to recover, which could be a good insight if you’re planning on investing in these areas.


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