The “smart money” secret trend revealed

This week on The Property Podcast, Rob & Rob are giving away some top secrets.

Just a couple of decades ago, city centres were considered no-go places to live. Those who were deemed “successful” were the ones who escaped to the suburbs. How times have changed!  

Now, city centre living has never been so popular. To throw a few stats out there, the population of central Birmingham has grown by 163% since the millennium. Whilst Liverpool has grown by a whopping 181%.

In today’s episode, The Robs are answering a number of questions around this topic:

  • What’s changing the sentiment of city living? Are places like Manchester and Birmingham in danger of suffering loss of confidence like London is currently? 
  • As an investor, is this a trend you should be trying to take advantage of? 
  • Is this a short term trend? And is there a bubble that may burst? 

Tune into this week’s Property Podcast to find out the answers to this ‘secret trend’.

In the news this week, research shows that generation rent are wanting to live in city and town centres. This shouldn’t come as a real shock considering it’s the same generation that has practically been priced out of buying. But what was surprising was that 91% of them said that’s exactly where they want to live. Certainly good news for both the high street and if you’re a landlord of city and town centre properties.

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Our Hub Extra resource this week is an attempt to get you out of the city and into the countryside. It allows you to enjoy the beautiful nature, wherever you are.

Go Jauntly is the perfect app if you’re wanting to get out of the house and be at one with nature but you either have no idea where to go or you fancy trying somewhere new. Simply log into the app, click on your location and the app will bring up walks near you. So all you’ve got to do is pack up the car, get your walking boots on and enjoy the sights.


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