Smash the new decade and change your life (Warning: Contains ranting and swearing!)

First of all, we’d just like to warn listeners that this episode of The Property Podcast does contain a few curse words, but it’s down to Rob & Rob getting rather passionate. Because today’s episode has the potential to change your life…

In today’s episode Rob & Rob are going to be giving you a framework that will set you up for massive success.

So, how can you smash this next decade? Let’s find out…

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Be willing to do difficult things
  3. Beware of the cost of perfection
  4. Think long term
  5. Mindset

The Robs go into a whole lot of detail around these five topics. So much so that you’re probably going to want to grab a pen and notepad before you start listening.

So, grab a cuppa, settle in, and let Rob & Rob guide you through how you can smash the next decade!


In the news this week, The Robs are grinning like Cheshire cats as a headline from the Express reads, ‘UK Property: Largest monthly increase in asking prices EVER recorded after Election 2019’. According to data from Rightmove, asking prices have risen by 2.3% which is equivalent to an average increase of £6,785!

Just remember, these are asking prices and not sold prices which doesn’t necessarily mean that house prices are about to jump 2%, but it’s interesting to see the optimism of sellers.


We’ve also got a treat for you this week. Our marketing team are desperate to hit that magic 10K followers/subscribers on Instagram and YouTube and when we do, we’re going to be releasing this bloopers video!

So make sure you go to our YouTube channel and subscribe, and go give us a follow on Instagram and we’ll announce when we’ve hit 10K.


This week’s Hub Extra is a book that ties in nicely with today’s podcast episode. It’s a book by Robert Iger who is the CEO of Disney and it’s called ‘Ride of a Lifetime’. Rob B is a huge fan of Disney from a business perspective so this book was at the top of his Christmas wish list.

However, before he had a chance to read it, Rob D pipped him to the post and finished it! This is the perfect example of thinking long term and really looking at the bigger picture in order to achieve success.


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