The 3 investment books that could change your life

These books could change your life…

The right book has the power to completely change your life, so today on The Property Podcast Rob & Rob are revealing the three books that all investors NEED to read. 

We’re avid learners here at Property Hub and clearly you are too, and that’s why you’re listening to the podcast. 

So, however you consume your books whether that’s by reading or listening, you need to add these to your list.  

It’s not often that the lessons you can take from a book are this invaluable and if you truly absorb them, you could set yourself up to create wealth for the long-term. 

In the news 

How could we not talk about the budget? 

With big headlines like a 5p cut on fuel duty, a pledge to cut basic rates of income tax and inflation predictions this spring statement needs some breaking down. 

What have Rob & Rob got to say about it… 

Hub Extra 

We’re sorry, but your must-read list is about to get even longer… 

As we’ve said before, some of the best books we’ve read have been recommendations.  

And this recommendation is the book that inspired Mike Winnet to start his successful business. 

So today’s Hub Extra is The Rules of Wealth.  

This book does exactly what it says on the tin, made up of a series of rules this is the perfect book that you can dip in and out of. 

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