Tips to save and make you money

In this episode, we’ll be giving you seven handy tips to put more money in your back pocket.  With ancestors in Yorkshire and Scotland, Rob D has definitely got a desire to save money in his genes, and Rob B is a self-confessed “value hunter”!

We’ll be discussing ways to limit your leasehold charges, how to get trade deals, making your education costs (such as books, magazines and Summits / courses) tax deductible, the importance of an annual portfolio audit which could make a huge difference to your costs even with a portfolio of one, and how to upgrade to First Class train travel for negligible additional cost.

You could join LNPG for discounts on boilers, bathrooms, flooring etc – and don’t forget you can claim 10% off the annual sign up fee if you quote “RD10”.

And take a look at moneysavingexpert.com‘s cheap energy club, which could save you a significant amount particularly for holiday lets or HMOs.

None of our tips will take up too much of your time.  Simply knowing about them or signing up once in many cases, could result in significant savings.

In our news story, we discuss a report showing where the number of housing transactions have risen and fallen the most. Many studies look at prices, but this one looks at transaction volumes and shows nine out of ten of the biggest fallers to be in London and the SE with Brent falling a whopping 30%. And Retford in the East Midlands saw the biggest rise in 2016. Yet more evidence of money moving out of the capital to areas where there’s more value.  Take a look at the story in full here.

And our resource of the week links back to our first money saving tip… and an easy way to ensure that a freeholder charges you no more than £40 for a consent to sub-let.  Here’s a template letter for you to sign and send.

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