How to build a £100 million property development company: The Urban Splash story

You’re in for a treat this week, as we learn how to build a £100 million property development company.

And we learn from the best in the business – Tom Bloxham MBE, chairman and co-founder of multi-award-winning property development company, Urban Splash.

Now, our main event this week is the story of Urban Splash – a business that’s doing phenomenal things in the property industry.

At 25 years old, Urban Splash has continued making a splash across towns and cities throughout the UK with their large regeneration and design-led schemes, which have won them a huge amount of awards – and rightly so!

A true champion in the property development industry, Tom talks us through the difficulties of taking old, derelict and listed buildings, and restoring them to create functional homes to suit today’s modern needs. And more interestingly, their recent move in to modular housing which is set to transform the housing industry significantly over the years.

How did Urban Splash grow from two men in a shed to building a multi-million-pound business? Tune in as Tom walks us through his first, very ambitious project in Liverpool where the true power of design and placemaking was revealed.

If you’re unfamiliar with Urban Splash, they are the true pioneers of urban living and have made the challenges of regeneration appear effortless. However, Tom and the team have had many years to perfect this. And while each project has elements which they’d have done differently, they follow our very own mantra of ‘constant improvement’ to make sure lessons are learned and that the next site is better than the last.

If you’re an aspiring property developer, this property podcast is a must listen for you as Tom also takes us on a journey through site acquisition, competitive bidding and the design process where architects and consultants are pushed to get the most out of each and every site.

Once you have a product – what’s next? There’s no secret that Urban Splash are incredible marketers – they’ve won a host of awards for that too. So what’s their secret? How have they created such a huge demand for their properties?

How did they go from being a multi-million-pound business to being worthless almost overnight?

How did Manchester’s Northern Quarter get its name?

And what tips would Tom recommend to those who want to follow in his property footsteps?

Tune into this week’s incredible property podcast to find out.

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You may remember our landlord survey a while back – the results were interesting and we’re pleased that the findings have hit the property press hard and fast.

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