The future of UK property with property legend, Tom Bloxham

Last week we learnt how to build a £100 million property development company with none other than the legendary Tom Bloxham MBE, co-founder and Chairman of Urban Splash.

This week we’re back with Tom to discuss the future of the UK property market.

So, what exactly is in store for the property market? 

At the top of Tom’s list is modular housing – something which hasn’t hugely taken off in the UK yet, but it won’t be long before it does if Urban Splash has anything to do with it.

In this episode we learn why Urban Splash made the bold move to modular housing – was it the huge number of people shunning new build houses? Was it the need for quality and design combined?

The ability to completely configure a home to an individual’s requirements has slowly started to catch on, as has being able to make internal changes without altering the structural integrity of the building – a win-win.

Tom takes us through his vision to reinvent modern housing; from investing in factories to develop greatly designed structures, to allowing customers to personalise every detail and make each property completely bespoke.

It’s not all plain sailing though, as modular housing hasn’t taken off in the UK in the same way it has elsewhere like the USA. What does Tom think is the barrier?

Is it attitude, personal preference or the steeper price point?

We also delve into what excites Tom – what is it about a city or town which captures his attention in a bid to reinvent it the Urban Splash way?

Does he want to make communities where pedestrians are more important than cars? Does he want to make sure kids can be safe playing on the streets again? We really delve into what makes a great location for Urban Splash to make their next mark.

We also discover that political drivers are a consideration for Tom and his team. He also gives us his insight on what’s in store for the rental sector and why he thinks more of us are renting – a trend which he doesn’t see changing any time soon.

If that wasn’t enough, Tom fills us in on his plan for a residential fund so people can co-invest in residential markets. He also shares his thoughts on what traditional buy to let landlords can do to compete with institutional players who are entering the residential property market.

This is a fantastic insight into Tom’s world and a great listen. We certainly learnt a lot! Make sure you tune in – it’s one you definitely don’t want to miss.

The Robs also discuss their news story of the week which you can find by clicking here.

It’s a report undertaken by Generation Rent – a non-profit organisation that campaigns for private renters.

Over the last few years since the tax changes were introduced, we’ve had numerous reports of landlords exiting the sector and rents getting pushed through the roof, punishing tenants and leaving them out of pocket. However, this new report makes for interesting reading.

Tune in to find out why Rob D thinks this is a pretty sensible piece of property research and also find out what exactly made Rob B laugh out loud.

It’s also worth taking a look at the graphs and charts too – the whole thing makes for a very interesting read indeed.

As always, we’ve dug out a handy resource for Hub Extra this week; it’s another cracking video which you can access here. There’s a backstory to this, so listen to the podcast to find out why the Robs are recommending this, this week.

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