How to solve any property problem

Property, much as we love it, does tend to throw up the odd problem. (And if you’re managing your own tenants, those problems can sometimes be really odd.)

Luckily, in this week’s episode we’re giving you a framework that you can use to solve any property problem. It was shown to us by our friend Mark Alexander from Property 118.

Tune into this week’s podcast to find out how it works and give it a go yourself. And make sure you check out Property 118 and Follow Property 118 on Twitter to thank Mark for giving us this great tip.

In the news world this week, apparently, property transactions are being slowed down by a shortage of surveyors. This is partly because the market has started moving again and sales are taking place, but not helped by the fact that the banks tried to sue all the surveyors when the credit crunch hit.

This week’s resource is also from Property 118, and it’s their landlord’s calculator.

If you’re baffled by terms like ROI, ROC, Gross yield and net yield, the landlord’s calculator makes everything simple. By putting in the details of your current portfolio or a deal you’re interested in, the calculator will give you all the numbers that matter and explain what each one means. You can even get a summary emailed to you.

Following on from last week’s Rightmove episode, we’ve been talking to @Rightmoveaddict on Twitter and will be appearing on her blog soon. If you’re a Rightmove addict too, make sure you’re following her…

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