Our first property investments

This week’s episode comes directly from a listener suggestion. He wanted to hear about our first property investments, and we were only too happy to take the opportunity for a trip down memory lane.

We both talk about our first two deals. Rob B’s deals were in the Wirral and Leeds, whilst Rob D invested in Kings Cross and Tottenham. Find out how much they cost us, what profit they’re making, and most of all…do we regret buying them?

We hope these will serve as useful case studies. And remember, if you’re just getting started, you don’t need to be fixated on getting the absolutely perfect deal on your first try. Ours certainly weren’t perfect! But without them we wouldn’t have learned what we needed to get us to where we are today.

In the news this week an estate agent in the Daily Express said that the London property bubble isn’t going to burst any time soon…but we’re not so sure.

We talk about it in relation to “the ripple effect”, and whether the best value is currently to be found outside the capital.

This week’s resource of the week is, yet again, another book. This week it’s Shark Tales by Barbara Corcoran.

Barbara took a $1,000 investment and used it to build up the biggest real estate firm in New York City. This is the story of how she did it. Even if you don’t reach the same scale, there are plenty of lessons.

Barbara was also interviewed on Entrepreneur on Fire, which is well worth a listen.

We featured on the Rightmove blog this week, thanks to our friend Andrea Morgan the @RightmoveAddict. It’s probably the most-visited property site in the country, so we’re thrilled to be on there.

We also mentioned that we’re both going to be interviewed separately on Entrepreneur on Fire in the coming weeks, which we’re ridiculously excited about. If you’ve not listened before, check it out – there’s a new inspiring story about an entrepreneur’s journey every day.

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What do you think about our first investments?

Did it make you think differently about making the plunge into your first investment, or did it prompt you to think back to your own?

Get int ouch and let us know.

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