Five property myths busted

This week we’ve turned Mythbusters, because we’re examining five pieces of received property wisdom that we believe don’t stand up to scrutiny.

Those myths are…

  • You should only invest in London
  • Never invest in flats
  • You have to be a landlord
  • Your home is an asset
  • You should always buy where you live

Are you surprised to see any of those? Want to find out where we’re coming from? You’ll just have to listen to the episode to see if you agree or not…

News this week is from The Sunday Times, which reported that estate agents are giving preferential treatment to people who take up their mortgage of surveying products.

Rob B has experienced this for himself – even though he works in the industry – and although the agents in question deny that using their products gets you to the front of the queue, the evidence suggests otherwise. Not impressed.

Our resource this week is a website – Fiverr.com – where you can get almost anything you can imagine done…for only $5.

For investors, that might mean passing off an hour of your admin, or getting someone to research an area for you. It’s also good for logos, video editing, voiceovers, website tweaks, and all manner of other things.

Or you can just get someone to wish your friend a happy birthday while dressed as Harry Potter, or pay them to write your name on their face. We’re just giving you the tools – how you use them is up to you…

And finally, to celebrate both Robs being in the same country, we’re having a little get-together!

On Thursday 29th August at 6pm, we’ll be having a casual meetup of Property Podcast listeners in Kings Cross, London. Nothing formal – just a bunch of property addicts getting together to talk shop and put some faces to voices and emails.

To get all the details, go over to thepropertypodcast.com/meetup.

Tell us what you thought of the show!

What other property myths might we have missed?

Do you strongly agree or disagree with any of ours?

Just let us know by getting in touch.

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