Property dreamline

This week we’re showing you how to put together a Property Dreamline – and explaining what the heck a dreamline actually is.

The purpose is to use your Dreamline to create a vision of the ideal lifestyle you want, then put together a property plan that will get you there.

Here’s the spreadsheet that accompanies this episode:

Microsoft Excel version

Google Drive version

We discuss:

  • What a dreamline is, and what it’s for
  • Who invented it, and why
  • Breaking it down into Having, Being and Doing
  • Deciding what to put into your Dreamline
  • How to convert your Dreamline into a property action plan

Further listening:

Further reading:
– Tim Ferriss on costing out your ideal life
– Tim’s dreamline example

The press is full of endless analysis about house prices, interest rates and government schemes…so which story have we picked out to feature?

Well, obviously that Britain’s most expensive houseboat has gone on sale. Check out the photos, because it really does look pretty swish…as it should do for £250,000, really.

Our resource this week is Don’t Bet To Let – a new site that allows you to put in any UK postcode and see what the rental yield is in that area. You can also browse a list of the Top 10 yielding areas in the UK.

The data is algorithmically taken from Zoopla and it’s not yet perfect, but it’s a great starting point and we love the idea. If you’re the mystery person behind the site, get in touch – we’d love to help you spread the word!

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What do you think of the Dreamline concept?

Have you done your own, or do you have another way of setting your property goals?

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