Christmas special (top 5s)

Ho ho ho, it’s the Property Podcast Christmas Special! In the finest traditions of TV highlights shows, we decided to round up some of our highlights of the year. Our favourite books, the best resources, the most memorable episodes, and the biggest lessons we’ve learnt.

Our top 5 books

Our top 5 episodes of this podcast

  • 24: Inflation: Your worst enemy or your best friend?
  • 26: 20 more property investments to avoid
  • 19: Our first property investments
  • 17: TPP Live – listener questions!
  • 4: Landlord v Investor

Our news story this week was about Zoopla kicking “aggregators” off its site. What this means is that companies can no longer just offer to put your property on Zoopla for £50 – they need to provide a genuine agency service for Zoopla to accept the listing.

How this plays out remains to be seen, but if Rightmove follows suit it could make agencies very happy but give landlords a few fewer options.

Our resource of the week was our top 5 resources of the week – including one new one!

Our top 5 resources of the week

We announced that The Property Hub Launch Party will be in London on Saturday 11 January!

It’s completely free, but you’ll need to book your place to let us know you’re coming.

To do that, and find out all the details, just visit thepropertypodcast.com/launchparty

We also asked you to follow The Property Hub on our new social presences:

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