Talking business with Noah Kagan

This week’s guest in our special run of business-themed episodes is Noah Kagan. An early employee at Facebook and Mint.com, and now the founder of Appsumo – a site that “promotes great products to help you kick ass at work”.

Noah has had a lot of very visible successes, but he’s been unusually open about his failures too. We asked him about the importance of doing what you love, why it’s important to fail every day, and how to surround yourself with the right people.

We continued talking to Noah after the “proper” podcast ended, and things got even more personal. Noah recommend his favourite books, and he broke down an exact formula to get noticed by busy, successful people.

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(p.s. If you’re interested in a free toolkit to build traffic to your website, check out Noah’s newest product – SumoMe.com.)

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There was certainly no shortage of talking points in this episode!

What did you think about what Noah had to say? Did you take any lessons away that you’re going to try to apply?

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