Does property value really double every ten years?

You’ll have heard people say that property doubles in price every 10 years – but is it true? This week we dug into the data to get to a real answer, and explored what it means for us as investors.

We covered:

  • The different data sources, and the peculiarities of each
  • How long it really does take property to double historically
  • The longest and shortest times it’s ever taken property to double

Plus more. There’s a lot in there, so listen to the episode for all the details!

In the news this week, there’s now two London property booms going on – with the second one being online. The new .London domain name suffix has been issued, and experts are predicting a rush of companies trying to grab relevant names before anyone else does.

Rob D is a purist and thinks the whole thing sounds daft. But maybe he’s just bitter that he didn’t think to grab property.london…

One of the most popular discussions in The Property Hub is around whether you should rent or buy your own home. We’ve shared a rent/buy calculator as a resource in the past, but a listener pointed us towards an excellent new one from The Telegraph.

By putting in your region and some basic figures, the calculator tells you how many years you’d need to live somewhere for buying to work out cheaper than renting. So if it’s something you’ve been wrestling with, check it out and see how the numbers stack up.

Join the conversation!

Do you make any assumptions about the increase in property prices when you’re planning your investments? Were you surprised by any of the numbers we shared in this episode?

We’ve got a dedicated thread for this episode, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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