Are holiday lets a good investment?

This week we were off on holiday! Or rather, we were examining whether property lets are a good investment.

We didn’t get into actually researching buying abroad (we covered that in Episode 34), because holiday lets can be in the UK too. Plus they can be in city centres as well as on the coast.

Although we did identify a lot of advantages to holiday lets as well as some downsides.

We also listed lots of things you need to take into consideration before getting into the holiday letting game. As well as what type of investor it might be suitable for.

Take a listen to the episode to get all the details!

In the news this week, is confidence returning to London’s commercial property market? The FT reports that while the iconic Gherkin has gone into administration, the HSBC Tower has been put up for sale. The very act of putting it on the market suggests that confidence is growing.

The commercial sector normally lags a residential recovery, so does this mean that we’re even further along the road towards a boom than we might have thought?

Once again, we have a listener to thank for this week’s resource. In The Property Hub, a member asked how to date when a property was built – and Peter Robert Murphy suggested Old-Maps.co.uk.

The site allows you to choose a location, then step back through time to look at old maps and see what has changed over time. So by going back until a development isn’t there anymore, you can tell to within a few years when it was built.

Join the conversation!

Have you had any experiences, good or bad, with holiday lets?

Is it something you’d consider getting into? Are there factors we didn’t mention?

We’ve got a dedicated thread for this episode, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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