Can the property super bubble be stopped?

Apparently in London, talking about a property bubble is no longer enough…now, it’s a super-bubble! Media hype aside, in this episode we ran through some ideas for how to calm London’s runaway housing market.

As the starting point for our discussion, we talked about the measures suggested in this Guardian article. From some that we liked (like bringing empty homes back into use) to some that we definitely didn’t (taxing landlords more!). We finished the show with some ideas of our own, and we’d love to hear yours too.

Take a listen to the episode and see what you think!

A big news story this week, as the Labour policy has announced a policy of rent controls. Honestly, anyone would think they didn’t like landlords or something.

The announcement was short on detail, but the proposals seem to be for three year tenancies with capped rent increases along the way.

We tried our best not to get too political, but let us know what you think and we’ll be keeping an eye on this story as new details are announced.

This week’s resource is courtesy of listener Mat, who was a bit taken aback when he was on a viewing and the estate agent starting tapping his phone against all the walls. It turned out that he wasn’t crazy – he was just using the Roomscan app for iPhone to generate a floorplan on his phone.

We haven’t tried it out, but it sounds like magic to us. Give it a try and let us know how you get on!

 Join the conversation!

Do you believe that there’s a bubble, or even a super-bubble?

Which measures do you think will work to calm prices, and are there any others we missed?

We’ve got a dedicated thread for this episode, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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