LHA tenants: Deal or No Deal?

Some landlords rent exclusively to tenants who are receiving housing benefits. Others would never dream of going anywhere near that market. So who’s got it right?

We received a voicemail from a listener this week about this very subject. So we decided to dive deep into the issue in this episode.

Take a listen to the episode and see what you think!

This week’s resource comes from Aki and Arsh Ellahi who set up DSSmove.co.uk – a portal solely for properties that are open to housing benefits tenants.

When you look at rental properties on Rightmove or Zoopla, most listings will say “no DSS”. Which means tenants receiving LHA rarely bother looking there, and agents therefore lose a powerful sales channel.

Rob D interviewed the founder way back in the first episode of The Property Geek Podcast, and it’s grown enormously since then. If you do rent to the LHA market, this site should be on your radar.

In the news this week it was announced that the average house price in the UK is now around £186,000. So the Daily Mail looked at what that will buy you in different parts of the country.

It won’t surprise you to learn that your only option in London is a Del Boy-style tower block, whereas in Wales you can get a beautiful cottage…but it’s a lot of fun to look all the same.

This week we mentioned Rob D’s book, Beyond The Bricks, as a few of his interviewees dealt largely or exclusively with the housing benefit market.

And perhaps more importantly, we updated you with Rob B’s results on last week’s resource, Photofeeler: and yes, apparently this screenshot is genuine…

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Do you rent to tenants who receive LHA – and if so, what attracts you to this market?

If not, is there any specific factor that puts you off?

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