Property Tech and Systems

Property tech and systems: could there be two topics we love more?

On this week’s episode we discussed some must-use systems in your property business. As well as sharing some of our favourite tech tools.

    We also discussed lettings and property management software. There doesn’t seem to be anything that completely gets it right. However:

    This week’s resource is a handy one… If you’ve got the odd task that you want to outsource, but not enough to justify hiring a dedicated virtual assistant FancyHands might be just what you need.

    After buying a monthly “package” of a certain number of tasks, you just email them every time you’ve got a job that needs doing – and one of their vetted network of US-based assistants gets right on the case for you.

    It got Rob D out of a sticky situation last week, and you might find it a nice, easy introduction to the world of outsourcing too.

    In the news this week, Fergus & Judith Wilson are selling their entire portfolio of 1,000 properties – apparently netting them £100m in equity that they’ll have left over at the end.

    Theirs is a success story for sure, but their success was built on extreme leverage in the run-up to the last crash: and for every story like theirs, countless others will have gone bust. A lot of bravery is required if you aspire to hit triple-digits with your tally of properties, but tread with caution too!

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    It’s happening in King’s Cross on 27 August, and it’s going to be amazing, obviously. Just visit propertyhub.net/meetup to grab your free tickets!

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