How to get the best out of your letting agent

This week we’re celebrating the official launch of Yellow Lettings! So what better time, we thought, to do a whole episode about getting the best from your letting agent.

We’ve said before that a good agent can make your property investing life a doddle, and a bad one can land you in all manner of trouble. So how can you make sure you have the former experience and not the latter?

With some help from ex-agent and current RMP Property employee Dale Hornidge, we rounded up all manner of tips. But you’ll have to listen to the episode in full!

This week’s resource is only relevant to people who have a website and it’s a corker. Quill from Narrative Science is a tool that you connect to your Google Analytics account, and every month it will email you a plain English report of how your site is getting on. There’s no need to dredge through piles of charts and data: it analyses the data for you automatically and pulls out all the key points you need to know.

It’s so easy, there’s now no excuse not to have your finger on the pulse.

We are our own news story this week, because today is the official launch of Yellow Lettings!

It’s been months and months in the making, but we’re now ready to take on your properties. To find out more about exactly what we’re offering, and to request a call so we can talk about working together, just visit the all-new Yellow Lettings website.

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