How to flip a property

This week we’re talking about buying to sell. Why would you flip a property, and how do you make sure you avoid the risks and secure a good profit?

We got help in putting this episode together from Susannah Cole from The Good Property Company. In this episode we tried to give an overview of how the process works, and the rules to stick to so you avoid the major pitfalls.

So, take a listen and find out how to successfully flip a property.

This week’s resource is a scheduling add-on for Gmail called assistant.to.

Scheduling a convenient time to meet is always a pain, and this little plugin makes it really easy. When you’re writing an email and you want to suggest some times to meet, it pulls up your calendar so you can select the times you’re free. These get inserted into your email, and all the recipient needs to do is click on their chosen time to book it in on both parties’ calendars. Easy!

We’ve talked about other scheduling solutions in the past. However this one is quickly becoming a favourite because it’s so quick and easy to use.

In the news this week, the solution to a steadier housing market is more speculation, not less. That’s according to this opinion piece on Forbes.com.

It was prompted by the recent figures showing that London house prices have started falling rapidly, and makes the point that prices always crash because there’s no way of speculating on price falls – meaning when they come, they happen hard and fast.

It’s an interesting perspective, so have a read!

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Is there anything putting you off giving it a try?

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