20 plus ways to become a property millionaire

This week we’re sharing 20+ ways to become a property millionaire.

Hang on – if we know 20 ways to achieve that, why’ve we held out until episode 89? Well, the title of this episode is actually taken from an article in The Telegraph which we go through point-by-point.

Like most articles in the property press, there’s some sensible advice mixed in with a fair amount of dangerous nonsense. We pick out the parts we agree with, explain our issues with those we don’t, and – at the end – share a couple of ideas not in the list which could be the true ways to become a property millionaire…

Along the way, we linked some points back to some old episodes of the podcast for related further listening:

  • 61 for the benefits of flats versus houses
  • 31 for how to research any property investment
  • 87 for the principle of adding value
  • 28 on investing from afar
  • 11 on building your property dream team
  • 34 on investing overseas
  • 69 and 71 on the 18-year property cycle

Crikey we’ve done a lot of talking!

There’s a wealth of brilliant information on video sites like YouTube – but isn’t it annoying that can only watch them when you’ve got an internet connection? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could watch videos on your phone while you’re commuting underground or sitting on a plane?

Well, there are some handy browser plugins available that allow you to download online videos to watch offline (which also serves to save them in case they suddenly get taken down).

Here’s one for Firefox
And another for Chrome

If you use a different browser, try Googling the name of the browser plus “video downloader” to see what comes up.

Hooray – landlords aren’t terrible people after all! According to a new survey, the majority of tenants rate their current landlord as “excellent” or “good”.

Both sides of the tenant/landlord equation still have plenty of gripes (as elaborated on in the article), but it’s nice to have some positive landlord news for once and recognise that the majority of us are doing our best to provide a great service.

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