How do we fix the UK’s housing crisis?

Although we’re property investors with a vested interest in limited supply and high prices, we’re not so blinkered as to think that the UK housing market doesn’t face major challenges. In this episode, we’re looking at 9 different ideas to put things right.

The ideas come from this post by Monevator.com, and we go through and critique them each in turn. So what’ll it be:

  • More skyscrapers for London?
  • A new mega-city?
  • Help for first time buyers?
  • Or measures to curb buy-to-let like the removal of tax relief on mortgage interest?

We get into real depth and set out our own ideas too – in fact, if you don’t listen to every episode habitually, we’d say that this one’s a must-listen.

Free books, anyone? Gutenberg.org has tens of thousands of them from authors like Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and Jane Austen. Copyright on books lapses a certain number of years after the author’s death, meaning that all these classics are in the public domain – and Gutenberg.org has brought them all into one place.

Gotta love the internet, eh?

The Telegraph has curated each political party’s housing policy into one table – making it easy to cut through the noise and see at-a-glance what each party is proposing when it comes to housebuilding targets, rent caps and so on.

It can’t tell you whether they’re actually going to follow through on any of them, but we can take an educated guess…

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