Rent to rent: The truth behind the hype

Rent to rent: it’s a hot topic, but what’s the truth behind the hype? That’s what we get deep into in this week’s episode. Although it’s not a strategy that either of us has used, we’ve spoken to a lot of people who have and started to build up a picture of what works, what doesn’t, and what the issues are.

We cover:

  • What Rent to Rent is
  • Why it’s extremely attractive to some people…
  • …and why others definitely won’t want to get involved
  • How you get started
  • How to avoid the pitfalls

Listen to the episode to get all the details!

In the UK, one party wants to slightly relax the green belt and the other is more keen on developing brownfield sites.

In Egypt, they’re building a whole new city to house millions of people – and they’re planning on having it done within 5–7 years! Sort it out, UK…

All the details are in this BBC article

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