10 things a property investor should never be heard saying

We talk to a lot of property investors, and every so often we hear something that makes us cringe – which inspired this episode of “things a property investor should never be heard saying”.

Those things include:

  • “I’ll pay the asking price”
  • “I don’t want to get into debt”
  • “I’ve saved up £20k – now I can go on that expensive course and really get started as an investor!”

Plus 7 more – which gave us a fun way to revisit some of the foundational concepts that we’ve set out over the last 109 episodes.

Take a listen, and see if you’re guilty of saying any of them!

We discussed the likely effects of the recent pension reforms a couple of weeks back, and now Rob B has appeared in print to reiterate those lessons in this City AM article.

It also coins a new word for those who invest using their newly liberated pension pot – “granlords”. Oh dear.

We’ve covered outsourcing tasks remotely using sites like Elance, but you can also outsource “real world” tasks to people who live near you. That’s thanks to Taskrabbit, where you can post any job – including DIY, running errands and cleaning – and have it done by “tasker” in your area. Because it’s all based on reviews, you can be confident that you’ll save yourself time and get the right result.

It’s only in London now, but apparently expanding to Manchester soon.

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