Who should property investors vote for in the election?

The general election is only a week away – have you not seen daylight for weeks because your window is full of campaign posters? Sore knuckles from door knocking? Or just quietly concerned about what changes could be coming down the line for you as an investor depending on the outcome?

We hope it’s the latter, because if so we can help – in this episode, we run through the policies of all the major parties (in England only – sorry!) which might have an impact on property investors.

We can’t tell you who to vote for (although we haven’t ruled out running in 2020), but we’ve read the manifestos so you don’t have to – meaning that there could be some information in this episode to inform your decision.

Speaking of making your views known, this week’s resource allows you to report repairs to your local council without having to write a letter or go through one of those awful “press 1, press 2” systems.

Fix My Street gives you the power to eradicate cracked pavements, abandoned cars, build-ups of rubbish and all sorts of other nuisances: just click on the map, write a quick description, and they’ll fire it off to the relevant authority for you.

You can also use it when looking at a potential investment to see if there are a lot of reports of fly tipping, litter, or anything else which might have a negative impact on the desirability of the area for your tenants.

Letting agencies are “leeches”, according to this Guardian article – and Shelter wants them banned altogether.

The facts are shaky in the extreme, but it’s interesting that no action taken by the government has had any effect on giving the public any faith in a type of company which they often can’t avoid doing business with.

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