Should you create a limited company for your property portfolio?

It’s a frequent debate, which has had fuel added to it by the recent Budget measures: should I shelter my property investments within a limited company?

There are benefits in terms of inheritance tax and treatment of financing costs, but drawbacks for drawing out cash and tax on capital gains. So what to do?

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why you would want to form a limited company
  • The downsides of doing so (including the big one: lending)
  • The types of investor who it’s likely to be beneficial for
  • Who might want to steer clear
  • Rob B’s win-win for business owners and contractors
  • The timeline for taking action

If you haven’t already listened to our budget special and post-budget survival guide episodes, you’ll get a lot more out of this topic if you check those out first.

Also, Rob D has put together a simple guide to the new mortgage interest rules — so if you’re struggling to get to grips with what it means, have a read and all should become clear.


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