How to get s*** done

When we meet people and tell them about the podcast, the Hub, the magazine, the meetups, the other businesses we run…they often ask, “How do you get so many things done?”

This week, we tell you exactly how.

There are probably at least 20 individual tips in this episode, around creating more time and energy and making better use of the time and energy you’ve already got.

They include:

  • Waking up early
  • Managing your energy
  • Using checklists
  • Eliminating “decision fatigue”
  • Focusing on your strengths (more in Episode 130)
  • Outsourcing and hiring (more in Episode 132)
  • Being “strategically lazy”
  • Having an effective to-do system
  • Removing distractions
  • Using 3 effective ways (one particularly effective) to boost your energy

To get the full run-down, the first thing to get done is to listen to the episode!

Do you lose big chunks of productive time to distracting apps and websites? Then rather than using willpower, you can try using Cold Turkey (PC) or Self Control (Mac). Both are free or have free tiers.

Just tell it which sites distract you, set a period of time, and it will physically block access to those sites until the time runs out – with no way around it.

It’s a great way of breaking an unproductive habit with no willpower involved – then eventually, you’ll probably find you don’t even need the app anymore.

Find Properly has released an interactive map showing the average rental price of a 1-bedroom property near every tube stop in London.

It won’t surprise you to learn that everywhere in London is pretty damn expensive, but it might help you to identify those little pockets where there still seems to be room for upward pressure as people get priced out of neighbouring areas. And if nothing else, it’s a fun distraction – who doesn’t love an interactive map?

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