How to create a property strategy, part 3

It’s the final part of our series on creating a property strategy – in which we cover the final decisions that need to be made, and look at translating the plan into action.

We cover:

  • Deciding where to buy
  • Deciding what to buy
  • Moving from planning into action
  • How to review your progress and adjust as you go

Big thanks to Chris, the leader of our Dubai meetup, who suggested MOOCs as a resource of the week.

Huhwhat? MOOCs are Massively Open Online Courses – meaning courses that are made available from many top universities, either free of charge or for a very low cost.

If there’s any topic you’d like to educate yourself on (whether for fun or professional development), take a look and you might be surprised by the quality and quantity of resources that are available.

Chris suggests checking out:

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