When property goes bad! (Our mistakes in property)

If you’re involved in property for any length of time, things will go wrong – and as positive as we are about property, we’ve both made mistakes and had bad experiences.

As we spend a lot of time talking about the advantages of property investment, it’s only right that we give some attention to the downside too. So this week, we’re sharing some of our more painful personal errors. Including:

  • Off-plan deals that lead to lengthly legal wranglings
  • Deals that collapse
  • Tenants who report “ghosts in the walls” (?)
  • Deals that don’t happen at all
  • The inevitable fallout of breaking your own rules
  • And more that are too painful to type

It’s one of our less comfortable half-hours, but there’s a positive message at the end of it. And be sure to check out next week’s episode, which is geared towards making sure you don’t end up with a podcast’s worth of your own mistakes like we have…

We’ve talked about the new “Right to Rent” immigration checks before, and as of 1st February 2016 they’re now compulsory across the whole of England for any new tenancies. Hurray!

The government website has all the details.

It’s not looking good for the chances of landlords complying with this legislation, given that it was also revealed this week that 300,000 landlords still aren’t using deposit protection schemes. Yikes.

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