5 things we did to become better property investors

We never claim to be the greatest investors in the world, but one thing’s for sure – we’re a lot better than we used to be. This week we share five specific things we’ve done that have helped us to get better results.

We won’t spoil the episode by listing them out here, but there are specific resources we mentioned that will give you clues…

Resources for the property cycle:
– Episode 69: The 18 Year Property Cycle
– The Property Hub Magazine, Issue 2 cover story (subscribers can access back-issues through their account)
– Rob D’s book The Complete Guide To Property Investment gives it an entire chapter

Resources for learning about economics:
– David Smith’s Economics UK blog
– How to read the financial pages – Michael Brett
– The Worldly Philosophers: The lives, times and ideas of the great economic thinkers – Robert Heilbroner
– Free Lunch: Easily digestible economics – David Smith
– The Great Crash 1929 – John Kenneth Galbraith

Resource of the week

Yes, another interactive map! This one from Totally Money maps out the options for commuting into London – with handy filters for journey time, house prices and more.

If you’re seeking value in the South East, it could be a useful place to get some new ideas (or at worst, waste a bit of time and feel like you’re working).

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