Can you invest in property from a distance?

You might be an expat, you might want to invest in another part of the country, or you might just like to travel a lot. So, can you do that without your property portfolio falling apart?

Well, yes: whether you’re lounging by the pool or just wanting to invest outside your local area, in this episode we talk about how to navigate every step of the property process (from research to management) without physically being there yourself.

Along the way we refer to:

There are a whole heap of little tips and tricks that we use to make our investing lives run more smoothly even when we’re remote, so take a listen to the episode – and maybe open skyscanner.net in a new tab…

Resource of the week

Thank you once again to Matt Elder, who pointed us towards iAuditor – a great app for running checklists and processes on your mobile device.

It comes with a selection of publicly available templates, but you can also create your own to cover pretty much any situation you can imagine. It’s handy for inspections and viewings – meaning that if you delegate the process of visiting potential acquisitions like we discuss in this week’s main topic, you can make sure all the information you want comes back to you in a convenient format.

News this week

Government minister in “giving helpful and practical guidance” shocker!

The housing minister has told local councils to stop telling private tenants that they should stay put until the bailiffs turn up at the door if they want to be re-housed. This is a major bugbear for landlords, it clogs up the courts and it’s ultimately bad for tenants too – so it’s good to see that a minister has recognised the problem.

Just don’t go holding your breath for this advice to actually be implemented…

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