How we get so much done (and you can too)

Podcasts, books, magazines, an events network, a lettings business…for all our faults, we at least manage to get a fair bit done.

We often get asked how we do it. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t “because we’re amazing”. In fact, it’s because we apply certain concepts, techniques and tools – and in this episode we share them all, so you can do it too.

We mention lots of different resources in this episode, so check below for all the links…

The main ideas we go through are:

This is an absolutely packed episode – with everything from big-picture ideas to individual time-saving hacks. If you can’t find at least one thing you can implement to get more done in your life, we’ll be very disappointed!

Resource of the week

It’s often helpful to have a local phone number for your business – which can either forward to your mobile or allow callers to use a voicemail.

Skype offers a solution as do many others, but Rob D started using Invoco Telecom this week and was very impressed with its simplicity and customer service.

It’s dead easy to set up, and you can add as many different numbers as you like – allowing you to appear “local” to many different locations, or to track the results from multiple marketing channels.

If you don’t have something set up yet, Invoco is well worth a look!

News this week

If you can’t afford a home, it’s not your fault – you can blame the global elite, according to The Independent.

The “revelation” from the Panama Papers that offshore corporations own a lot of UK property is hardly a surprise – and it throws up politically and morally complicated questions.

If nothing else though, it’s a reason to be long-term confident about UK property: there’s near infinite global demand (albeit from shady corporations), plus ever-increasing local demand from a growing population. Property is never going to be a one-way bet and you can’t guarantee results…but there’s a lot of reason to be optimistic when you look at the pattern of supply and demand.

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