7 questions to ask yourself before buying your next property

This week we’re talking about 7 questions to ask yourself before buying your next property – whether that property is your first or your umpteenth.

The questions are:

  • What are your criteria?
  • Will it be bought within a company or not? (see our free limited company course)
  • Is it a good deal?
  • How will you finance it?
  • What’s wrong with it?
  • What’s the worst that could happen?
  • What’s Plan B?

Take a listen to the episode to hear why each question is so important – and how you can go about finding the answers!

Resource of the week

Tracking your spending can be useful to see where all that money goes – and do some budgeting so you’ve got cash left over to put towards your next investment.

Toshl is a handy tool for doing exactly that – just enter your spending using the app or on the website, and it will show you reports with various categories. It also has nice touches like currency conversion and support for recurring monthly expenses like mortgage payments.

News this week

Increasing supply lowers prices, right? Well, not according to one academic – who claims that more new build homes increase house prices by encouraging lenders to relax their criteria.

We’ll be following up on this in a future episode – as well as taking a deeper look at what moves the market.

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