How to prepare your property to let

Last week we talked about the whole property buying process, all the way up to completion. This week, we’re looking at the easy-to-overlook steps you need to take in order to prepare your property to let.

  • Deciding whether to self-manage or use an agent
  • Checking out the competition
  • Informing the authorities and utilities about your ownership
  • Obtaining any licenses that are needed
  • Getting safety certificates in place
  • Checking for any post-refurb minor maintenance issues

Then it’s time to either start marketing yourself, or hand it over to an agent. We’ve got you covered there too…

Resource of the week

Rob D is up to his stalking again, this time recommending a tool called Email Hunter.

It comes with a Chrome extension that makes it easy to find every email address associated with a particular website, and also has a one-click way to track down the email address of anyone you’re viewing on LinkedIn. Great for reaching out for networking purposes, as well as more sinister uses…

News this week

We have a new housing minister (can anyone name the old one?), and he’s singing a slightly different tune when it comes to government priorities.

As reported in The Telegraph he believes the priority is to build homes for a variety of tenures, not to focus on affordable homes for first-time buyers at the exclusion of all else.

Ushering in the era of institutional build-to-let? A softening on private landlords? Or just more talk? Watch this space…

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