Property investment around the world

Grab your passport and join us as we head off around the world of property investment, investigating whether you should be hopping on a plane instead of into a car to research your next acquisition.

We look into:

  • The reasons why investing abroad is attractive to so many people
  • The prospects for popular investment spots like Spain and the USA
  • The risks and opportunities in up-and-coming locations like Eastern Europe
  • The “wildcard” locations for if you’re feeling particularly brave
  • What to watch out for to make sure your the only risk of losing your shirt is if the airline misplaces your baggage

Resource of the week

We get properly geeky this week as Rob B describes how he pairs Pocket with Zapier to make sure he’s always got a fresh supply of offline reading material.

Rob D throws RSS reader Feedly into the mix too – so if your idea of a fun use of spare time is optimising your education workflow, we’ve got you well covered…

News this week

The Help To Buy scheme is over – or at least, part of it is.

The Independent reports that the “mortgage guarantee” element won’t be extended beyond 2016 – meaning it can no longer be used to get a leg-up to buying any property. The separate scheme that applies to New Build properties will continue, though.

Elsewhere this week, the Help To Buy ISA has come under fire because it turns out the bonus element can’t be used towards a deposit as was believed – it will only be paid out after a home has been bought.

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