The secrets of a winning mindset

If you’re a Property Podcast listener you’re already a winner, but in this episode we discuss how to cultivate a winning mindset to push yourself to even greater levels of success.

In property as with anything else, what separates the high-achievers from the rest generally isn’t technical ability or knowledge – it’s having the attitude to spot and capitalise on opportunities, and overcome the inevitable challenges.

We get into:

  • What we can learn from top athletes and business people
  • How to turn yourself into a happy and positive person
  • The importance of self-awareness
  • Why we go to ridiculous lengths to avoid negative influences
  • Tweaks you can make to your communication to influence your worldview
  • The woo-woo bit: why we both have a gratitude practice

Along the way we mention:

Resource of the week

Not something you can use right now (unless you live in New York City), but the Vigilante app (or “Uber for crime”) is cool enough to be worth checking out anyway. The future is here…

News this week

We do love a good interactive map! This one maps rental yields across the UK and rounds up the ten best and worst performers in terms of bang for buck.

There’s more to a good investment than just yield, but it’s an interesting use of five minutes all the same…

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